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Get one of our GREENIVATIVE Recharger Packages for yourself or for somebody you love. When you or they need it, you’ll be glad you did.

About Us

We started the way any other big innovator did –with a dream. Our dream was simple: to offer a portable power device that you could place into the hands of men, women and children around the globe that could help them with the growing problem of unavailable power. Whether that was due to a tragic disaster, or an outdoorsman needing handheld emergency power, G-MAG® wanted to be there to ensure an easy and affordable way to charge devices using the Earth’s most abundant resource. Now, no matter where you are, you can keep your cell phone or other portable device up and running using only salt water.

Since we were kids we were taught to be prepared and shown the areas of this world who simply cannot afford that luxury and the advantages of portable power. If catastrophe strikes, some people just can't get the power that they need to survive the week's end. This is why we set out to change the future and strive to get our G-MAG® portable power in the hands of everyone out there who needs it.

Simply put, we just wanted to make a portable homesteading battery charger that was not only easy to use, but extremely inexpensive and practical as well. Something we can put into the hands of every emergency worker, family, and outdoorsman on the planet in an effort to make our Earth a better place for all who live here.

Go Green!

Everyone nowadays wants to go green. This means having a deep, passionate understanding of the importance of saving the planet using any means necessary. We share this passion with you. We set out to create an off the grid charger that would not only help millions of people worldwide, but would help the planet as well. A happy and healthy Earth means happier and healthier people, so we set out to make our portable battery charger the easy choice for anyone needing clean, affordable energy. It’s time to start thinking about the environment, so check out our emergency battery recharger and discover for yourself all of the applications it can offer you.

Saving the world, one battery at a time.

Save energy

Our G-MAG® emergency power battery charger saves electricity. Don't waste energy plugging into an outlet when you can harness the power of salt water to charge and operate your electronic devices –and even lights. For a fraction of the energy (and cost) you can use our off the grid charger instead of electricity.

Save your money

It should be no surprise by now that our portable charger will save you money- A lot of it. While you're sucking electricity, you are ultimately paying for that power (or someone is). If you could mix salt and water to generate that same power, it's easy to see how you can save a ton of money on the cost of electricity. Let’s face it-who doesn’t love to save money? With our portable battery charger you can save a ton of cash, while keeping the environment clean.

Save your sanity

Don't be afraid to venture out into the unknown. Take a G-MAG® homesteading battery charger along for the ride and discover how much more improved your experience is. Whether it is camping, hunting, hanging out on the beach, or just simply hiking for a few hours, G-MAG® can go along for the ride and improve your overall quality of life. Enjoy fishing, days at the beach, hiking and more with our portable battery charger and save yourself the headache of being powerless.

Save your neighbor

Let's be realistic, when a hurricane or other natural disaster hits, it does not just affect you and your family. It affects everyone around you. Wouldn't it be nice to possess an emergency battery recharger that could not only help your family, but your neighbors as well? G-MAG® portable emergency power is exactly that product. Just one small effort could help a friend or neighbor in need. When you buy your G-MAG® "The Works" Unit, think about buying two. You can make a tremendous difference when the need is great by handing one of these lifesaving units to a friend or neighbor in need. Need Power, Just Add Water® and a handshake and a smile.

Save the world

Not only is our emergency battery recharger safe for the environment, but we aim to help give others a chance at a better life. We are deeply involved in our local community, as well as communities around the globe, working tirelessly each day to provide a better, cheaper way of providing energy to those who need it most. All it takes is a little innovation, a touch of imagination, and an undying passion to help the planet, and you have yourself an emergency battery recharger that is sure to surpass expectations.

"I've owned a couple of these for a little over a year now. It's not for everyday recharging but great for emergencies. I have tried to go green with my batteries and do most of my recharging with solar or 110v charger but when the power goes out and its dark outside this is the answer. I live in the Rockies and we get plenty of power outages quite often at night and when I go to get my flashlight only to find it dead, this comes in handy. I use to live in Florida and wish I would have had one of these when we were locked in our dark house for days during hurricanes. Its lightweight easy to use and does what it says. I really like this system. For the price it's one of my better investments." – Timothy Joe Shettlesworth