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Experience G-MAG®

What could it do? What has it done?

G-MAG®'s applications are virtually endless by design. We've created a life-saving device that can be used in emergency situations all around the globe, just by adding water and salt. This device can be used in places like Uganda, where electricity is scarce and some people need lights - something we take for granted every day. A lot of these places desperately need power for schools, hospitals and even their own homes. It's a sad reality, but it doesn't have to be like that. Not if we can help it.

If we can offer an off the grid charger to people in need of electricity, then we can bring hope to those who need it most. Saltwater is among the most abundant natural resource on the planet and we have developed a product that turns saltwater (or table salt and water) into useful electrical power. This changes the game.

But why stop there?

It became overwhelmingly clear that the applications of our Magic G-MAG® emergency battery charger was not limited to disaster scenarios and third world countries. We strive to reach out even further into the world of the great outdoors as an off the grid charger for campers, hunters and much more. Here are just a few examples of people who can benefit by using our portable battery charger.

  • Hunters
  • Campers
  • Hikers
  • Bikers
  • Boaters
  • Sailors
  • Fishermen
  • RVers
  • ATVers

Everyone was soon asking where they could get our portable power chargers. Imagine taking this on a camping trip, fishing outing, or even the beach. Add water and salt and soon you have yourself a device that can charge cell phones, tablets, batteries for flashlights, cooking equipment and even portable radios and television sets. The possibilities are endless.

We are based in Florida. This state is 2,000 miles of beach, which also plays a huge role in our company and our desire to bring our off the grid charger to a larger target audience. If Johnny the Beachgoer wants to sit out all day and soak up the sun without having to worry about his phone dying, he doesn't have to worry. No longer will he have to venture across a hot, sandy beach and into a local pub or restaurant asking "can I charge this real quick?" Only to discover that "real quick" is about a half an hour for just enough juice to keep his phone functioning for another hour at the most. This doesn't sound like too much fun to us. We offer a homesteading battery charger at a fair cost, making it quick and easy for anyone, anywhere, to get the power they need in their life.