NEW! GMAG® DoublePower ValuePack

  • NEW! GMAG® DoublePower ValuePack

NEW! GMAG® DoublePower ValuePack

  • $99.00

The DoublePower ValuePack is much more than the basics at a great price.  It has everything to provide personal power essentials whenever or wherever needed and, especially when disaster strikes. The G-MAG® Power Cell with 1 pair of Double PowerPucks has been improved by doubling its power output while only increasing the weight by about an ounce. Coupled with all of the accessories that come with the ValuePack, this is a MUST HAVE for your Emergency Kit, Bug-Out-Bag, and for a host of off the grid activities. The DoublePower ValuePack contains a G-MAG® Power Cell with 6 - 1000 mAh AA Batteries, 4 – 1000 mAh AAA Batteries, and a G-MAG® USB Charger Pack that operates from 4 AA Batteries and charges most cell phones and 5 VDC USB compatible devices. It will operate the integrated LED flashlight with 2 lightly charged AA Batteries as a very useful emergency flashlight. Also included are 4 pre-measured salt packs, 4 AAA to AA adapters (to allow for charging AAABatteries), 2 AA to C and 2 AA to D adapters. With these adapters, C and D Sized Devices can be operated with freshly charged AA Batteries.

The DoublePower ValuePack makes power Any Time, Anywhere, in Any Weather – Day or Night - by simply adding Salt and Water to the unit.  the DoublePower WorksPack provides the ability to directly charge both AA and AAA batteries and emulate C and D Sized Batteries by placing AA batteries in AA to C or D adapters. It also provides the ability to Charge Smart phones and other USB Devices over and over in the middle of nowhere. Need Power? Just Add Water!®

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