GMAG Charger 2000

GMAG Charger 2000

  • $69.00

The G-MAG® Power Cell with Double Power Replaceable G-MAG® PowerPucks™ and 6 2000 mAh AA Batteries  will  provide personal power whenever or wherever needed and, especially when disaster strikes. G-MAG® makes power  Anywhere, Anytime, in Any Weather - Day or Night  This Power Cell is the Ultimate in Portable Power. A MUST HAVE for your Emergency Kit, Bug-Out-Bag, and for a host of off the grid activities.  G-MAG® Power Cell with Replaceable G-MAG® PowerPucks™ will charge 6 2000 mAh AA batteries in about 6 hours about 20 times per pair of G-MAG® PowerPucks™.  Powered by replaceable Magnesium Anodes and saltwater (seawater or table salt and tap water), Our G-MAG® Power Cell is a portable power source that is perfectly suited for home emergencies or for Outdoor and off the grid activities anywhere conventional power is just not available.  By replacing the  PowerPucks™, the unit will charge an unlimited number of batteries! When a Pair of Double Power G-MAG® PowerPucks™ is exhausted, simply remove them and replace with a new pair to charge the equivalent of 120 batteries – over and over. Need Power? Just Add Water!®

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