Triple Power GMAG® Complete

  •  Triple Power GMAG® Complete

Triple Power GMAG® Complete

  • $159.00

The Triple Power GMAG® Complete Package contains everything needed to provide personal power essentials whenever or wherever needed and, especially when disaster strikes. GMAG® Complete Package is A MUST HAVE for your Emergency Kit, Bug-Out-Bag, and for a host of off the grid activities. This Package contains The Super GMAG® Power Cell with 1 Pair of  Triple Power Replaceable GMAG® PowerPucks™ as well as 6 2000 mAh NiMh AA, 6 1000 mAh NiMh AA and 6 1000 mAh NiMh AAA Batteries (A total of 18 Batteries!) and the GMAG® USB Charger Pack that operates from 4 AA Batteries and charges most cell phones and 5 VDC USB compatible devices. It will operate the integrated LED flashlight with 2 lightly charged AA Batteries as a very useful emergency flashlight. Also included are 4 pre-measured salt packs, 8 AAA to AA adapters (to allow for charging AAA Batteries), 4 AA to C and 4 AA to D adapters (Twice as many adapters as before.) With these adapters, C and D Sized Devices can be operated with freshly charged AA Batteries. When a Pair of GMAG® PowerPucks™ is exhausted, simply remove them and replace with a new pair to recharge 300 1000 mAh NiMh batteries. 

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