DoublePower Plus (250) WorksPack

  • DoublePower Plus (250) WorksPack

DoublePower Plus (250) WorksPack

  • $119.00

"The Works" Package with an extra pair of replaceable GMAG Double Power Plus (250) PowerPucks™is a MUST HAVE for anybody who wants to be ready for the next emergency event or would like to be able to operate off the grids. “The Works” Comes with 2 pairs of GMAG Double Power Plus (250) PowerPucks™250; 6 - 1000 mAh AA Batteries; 4 - 1000 mAh AAA Batteries; USB Block that accepts 4 AA Batteries for charging Smart Phones - Both IPhones and DROIDS, Cameras, Night Vision Goggles, GPS Devices and a whole host of other 5 VDC USB powered devices; 2 AA to D size Battery Adapters; 2 AA to C size Battery Adapters; 4 AAA to AA Battery Adapters (We have eliminated the need for actual C and D Size Batteries by emulating them with AAs and Adapters.).    This package has an indefinite shelf life and will be ready when needed by simply adding table salt and tap water to the unit.  “The Works” Package provides Emergency Power Anywhere, Anytime in Any Weather – Day or Night.  

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