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Welcome to our website. The Greenivative Division of InfraTech has created the innovative and exciting portable battery charger that's rapidly changing the world and the way we think of portable power. Since 2013 we have worked hard to develop our GMAG® Saltwater Battery Charger and to integrate improvements along the way to make it more powerful and more useful.

We started with our basic unit that will charge about 100 batteries before exhaustion. Then we figured out how to double the power output and created the “GMAG® Double Power” Charger that will charge about 200 batteries before exhaustion. Even with our Double Powered Charger, our customers wanted more.

After much engineering and development we created the Super GMAG® with replaceable anodes that we call GMAG® PowerPucks™. This is exciting news for us because – Our Super GMAG Charges an UNLIMITED number of Batteries by simply replacing the PowerPucks™! Each pair of PowerPucks™ weighs about 3 ounces and will recharge about 300 AA Batteries and, when exhausted, a replacement pair of PowerPucks™ will recharge another 300 AA Batteries - over and over and over. Imagine carrying 2 pairs of PowerPucks™ in your backpack, weighing in at only 12 ounces, and having the power of 600 AA Batteries at your disposal. We offer you the future of portable power.

Introducing the GMAG® saltwater powered battery charger with Replaceable PowerPucks™ that Makes Power Anytime, Anywhere, in Any Weather – Day or Night.

Greenivative G-MAG®

We have developed a safe, efficient, light weight, powerful and environmentally friendly Greenivative Magic® (G-MAG®) Magnesium - Air Fuel Cell that generates electricity by just adding saltwater. G-MAG® has substantial advantages over other forms of power generation and power storage off the grid, Anywhere, Any Time, in Any Weather - Day or Night. G-MAG® Makes Power Where There Is No Power!® Using Magnesium as the power source, just adding saltwater makes power instantly available. G-MAG® is ideally suited to provide convenient and safe power for recharging 6 AA batteries off the grid or when other power sources are not available.

Unique Features of G-MAG®:

  • Magnesium + Saltwater + Air = Electricity
  • Indefinite dry storage life
  • Environmentally safe, not-toxic, non-carcinogenic, easily transportable
  • 3 Volts DC (no load)
  • Physical dimensions are approximately 4.5″ x 5.5″ x 1″
  • Made from recyclable plastic
  • Inexpensive and easy to operate
  • No environmentally hazardous materials
  • Totally portable and lightweight
  • Weight without batteries is 8 ounces
  • Weight with batteries is 11 ounces
  • Charges 6 AA 1000 mAh batteries in about 3-4 hours
  • EMP Safe
  • Replaceable PowerPucks™ allows GMAG® to generate power indefinitely!

Super G-MAG® charges 6 AA 1000 mAh batteries in about 3-4 hours and can carry out that function over 20 times before charger depletion. Having no moving parts and able to provide enough power to charge an unlimited number of AA Batteries, Super G-MAG® more than pays for itself during use.

Our Super G-MAG® AA Battery Charger is a great product by itself, but our customers were asking for more. We listened - and created “The Works” package to make our Super G-MAG® Charger even more versatile.

Super G-MAG® AA Battery Charger

Super G-MAG® AA Battery Charger with “The Works”

"The Works" Package with an extra pair of replaceable PowerPucks™ is a MUST HAVE for anybody who wants to be ready for the next emergency event or would like to be able to operate off the grids. “The Works” Comes with 2 pairs of PowerPucks™; 6 - 1000 mAh AA Batteries; 4 - 1000 mAh AAA Batteries; USB Block that accepts 4 AA Batteries for charging Smart Phones - Both IPhones and DROIDS, Cameras, Night Vision Goggles, GPS Devices and a whole host of other 5 VDC USB powered devices; 2 AA to D size Battery Adapters; 2 AA to C size Battery Adapters; 4 AAA to AA Battery Adapters (We have eliminated the need for actual C and D Size Batteries by emulating them with AAs and Adapters.).    This package has an indefinite shelf life and will be ready when needed by simply adding table salt and tap water to the unit.  “The Works” Package provides Emergency Power Anywhere, Anytime in Any Weather – Day or Night.