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The Greenivative Division of InfraTech has created an innovative and exciting portable battery charger that's rapidly changing the world and the way we think of portable power. Since 2013 we have worked hard to develop our GMAG® Saltwater Battery Charger and to integrate improvements along the way to make it more powerful and more useful.

After much engineering and development we created the Super GMAG® with replaceable anodes that we call GMAG® PowerPucks™. This is exciting news for us because – Our Super GMAG Charges an UNLIMITED number of Batteries by simply replacing the PowerPucks™! We have two versions:

  1. 1. GMAG® PowerPuck 250 weighs 3 ounces per pair and will recharge about 250 1000 mAh AA Batteries.
  2. 2. GMAG® PowerPuck 300 weighs 4 ounces per pair and will recharge about 300 1000 mAh AA Batteries

When exhausted, just replace the PowerPucks™ and continue to charge – over and over. Imagine carrying a GMAG® recharger and 2 pairs of PowerPucks™ in your backpack weighing in at about a pound, and having the power of 500 to 600 AA Batteries at your disposal. We offer you the future of portable power.

GMAG® Saltwater powered battery charger with Replaceable PowerPucks™ Makes Power Anytime, Anywhere, in Any Weather – Day or Night. Affordable, Convenient, Portable Power

Greenivative G-MAG®